About me

All my life, my mother has made something out of nothing. Give Alice Flynn lemons, she makes lemonades. Give her grapes, she makes homemade jelly. Give her an old piece of furniture and she sands, strips, paints, stains and reupholsters. She sees the potential in everything and everyone — especially her children. My name is Susan Flynn Leighton and this year I plan to try to follow my mother’s example as I tackle new skills  that I once foolishly dismissed. When faced with any sort of dilemma, I often ask WWMD:  What Would Mom Do? Now the exercise will be less philosophical. I will do what my mother does. My effort kicked off Jan. 1, 2016. Wish me luck.

When not blogging, I keep myself busy as a writer and editor and mother of two teenage daughters. I am lucky to have an in-house editor, my husband Paul, who, in turn, considers himself lucky to have a mother-in-law like Alice.